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Advancing excellence by helping leaders win at workplace culture by blending the right tools with the right people!

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Hello, I'm Klint Willert, and I believe that if leaders want to win with workplace culture, they must focus on blending the right tools with the right people!  

Leading your team to excellence is tough, but imagine a team where everyone actively contributes to constant improvement and innovation. Picture each member realizing their untapped potential for excellence. Let's work together, using effective tools for our shared goal—an ideal workplace culture. Embrace the power you have as a leader to influence and shape a workplace that empowers leaders and fosters commitment to improvement and innovation! This mindset isn't just for educators or corporate leaders; it's for anyone dedicated to unlocking others' potential in the pursuit of excellence. Tapping into our drive for growth yields remarkable transformations. Join the journey toward a thriving culture of excellence!

Meet Klint

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Hi, my name is Dr. Klint Willert and I have been recognized as a leader in workplace culture, continuous improvement, and the implementation of effective tools to improve leadership effectiveness and employee engagement.  

As an experienced consultant, speaker, and coach, I offer customized workshops, training, and keynote addresses on improved workplace culture, leadership, continuous improvement, innovation, and teamwork.  With over two decades of leadership experience, I can help you with the following:

- Provide a menu of customized services and solutions including strategic planning, team facilitation, leadership retreats, DISC assessments, and culture/strategy alignment.

- Blend knowledge and practical insights for actionable guidance to help leaders revolutionize their approach to staff engagement.

- Empowering leaders and team members to embrace continuous improvement tools and processes to create a shared culture of excellence!


Overall, I recognize the struggles leaders face in creating conditions for success in your organization.  I am ready to help you experience the transformational power of creating the ideal workplace culture where leaders win and team members thrive!


Speaking Topics

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Effective Teams for Success:

How Leaders Can Create a Thriving Team Culture for Better Results

Are you trying to achieve greater employee engagement, better organizational outcomes, and finding ways to better serve others?
As a leader, it is essential to understand WHY effective teams must exist and HOW to best create a culture of teamwork for the success of both individuals and of the organization. In this presentation, I can help you and your team realize the benefits of great teamwork for your organization.


Discover how to apply strategies to create a culture that supports and encourages improvement and innovation for high-performing teams.


From Time to Task:

Transforming Education for a Knowledge-Based Economy

Time is the constant and learning is the variable. Isn't it time to recognize the traditional outdated, factory-based model of education in a majority of our schools today crushes enthusiasm for learning from our children and fails to recognize the unique talents of each child?

It is time that education must experience a transformation through innovation. Working with your team, I can help your school, district, and community discover how implementing a competency-based model of teaching and learning can make learning the constant and time the variable to unlock the potential of each child!


Being a Great Leader Starts with YOU! 

Self-Leadership to Servant-Leadership: Become the Leader YOU were Meant to Be!

All leadership of others begins with self-leadership. As a leader, you spend much of your time serving others. This often leaves little time to take care of you!

In this interactive presentation, I will provide your leaders and leadership teams with proven strategies for SELF-LEADERSHIP that will enhance your ability to lead and serve others. Discover how applying self-leadership can enhance servant-leadership for better teams and culture in your workplace.


Green and Growing: Improvement Does Not Have a Destination

Too often we seek short term gains without considering the long-term effects. In all we do, we must constantly strive to be better and make improvements every day! Through an engaging presentation, learn how to create the conditions to ensure your organizational culture is Green and Growing, not Ripe and Rotting!


The practices of continuous improvement grounded in the Baldrige Excellence Framework can help your organization be the best it can be. Great organizations are possible with great culture.




“Klint Willert brings an engaging, entertaining, and motivational message to his audience. Klint helps to spark or reignite change through his encouraging and heartfelt presentation.”

Ms. Wendy Otheim - Council of Administrators of Special Education (CASE) National Special Education Administrator of the Year

“Dr. Klint Willert is an educational leader who has helped shape me into the teacher I am today. Words can’t express my gratitude!”

Ms. Stephanie Ballard, South Dakota Teacher of the Year


Connect with Klint


Call: ​507-828-4240

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